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Humament 30x30 is an ongoing project, amassing over many years what could be thought of as a journal or sketchbook of text and images created on the periphery, often using discarded and ephemeral materials.

The title is a word coined by British artist, Tom Phillips, who I was fortunate to meet. It is a portmanteau of 'human' and 'document' and a body of work he has been creating since the 1960s. I have changed his spelling slightly from 'Humument' to 'Hum
ament', out of personal preference.

Each work is a square, 30cm by 30cm. Where horizontal formats reference the landscape and vertical formats reference portraiture, the square is a format that provides a conceptual freedom. If anything, it's a field for the mind. A mindfield. And sometimes maybe even a minefield. 

These undated works - this flotsam and jetsam - document my journey as a human being in the world; sea humano.
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